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Patient Demographic Updates and Scheduling of Appointments

It is the patient's (or patient guardian's) responsibility to ensure current contact information, including phone, mobile phone, email, mailing address, insurance information, etc. prior to the date of his or her next appointment.


Required demographic information for every visit:

-Full legal name

-Mailing address

-A working phone number (mobile is preferred)

-Patient date of birth

-All medical insurance information

-Patient's social security number

-Preferred pharmacy

Required information for every patient (prior to scheduling an appointment) includes, but is not limited to, completion of the "new patient packet," which reflects all the above demographic information, as well as comprehensive information about medications in use, past medical/surgical history, and emergency contact information.

We attempt to remind patients via email (requires sign-up), text message, and/or phone about their upcoming appointments. Please be sure your contact information is current. If we call/leave a message about the upcoming appointment, we consider this to be a successful reminder.

Due to limited space and often quite busy schedule for the providers, time allotted for a patient may vary from 15-60 minutes, depending on the need of the patient or procedures to be performed during that visit. When making your appointment, please provide as much information as possible as to the nature of your needs so the receptionist may schedule accordingly. A missed appointment without advanced cancellation can result in taking time away from another patient who would have otherwise benefited from the appointment. With this understanding, we ask that patients maintain awareness of ALL pending appointments with AFH. A reschedule fee of $30 may be required to re-activate your account for any missed appointments (or same-day cancellations).

Please know that our providers often have the need to adjust their work schedule due to family concerns, educational issues, or even personal illness. We make efforts to reschedule our patients in advance, but there may be times your visit will be shifted to another provider due to an urgent circumstance. If we are able to make adjustments to the schedule in advance, you will be offered the option to reschedule with the same or different provider, possibly even having an opening on the same day as the original appointment.

Please be respectful of the provider's time as well as the patient who is waiting to be seen after you. Multiple concerns may or will need to be addressed in separate appointments to avoid scheduling delays. Emergencies and case sensitive issues often create delays during the work day, so please be patient as we help those in crisis first. The order of care priority is as follows: emergencies, scheduled appointments, and then work-in visits. Please note that emergencies occur daily and disruption to our schedule is possible. Please have patience with our staff and providers.

In order to ensure that your time with the provider is maximized, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, 30 minutes prior to CDL and Wellness Exams

See "MISSED APPOINTMENT" tab under "POLICIES" for important information and fees associated with NO SHOW or SAME DAY CANCELLATION as related to provider visits.

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Missed Appointment, Same Day Cancellation, Leaving After Triage

Please note, effective 1/2/2021 our NO SHOW or SAME DAY CANCELLATION policy has changed.

If you are unable to make your appointment time, kindly contact our office at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to appear for an appointment or make effort of cancel at least 24 hours in advance will result in a missed appointment status ("NO SHOW").

For this (NO SHOW or SAME DAY CANCELLATION), a $30.00 reschedule fee is applied to your account and must be paid prior to being eligible to reschedule, request refills, or have access to any of the services provided by our facility.

After three NO SHOW or SAME DAY CANCELLATION occurrences, the practice reserves the right to discharge the patient from the practice. Three consecutively missed appointments will be considered grounds for immediate dismissal from the practice.

Leaving after having been triaged by our nurse or medical assistant but prior to consultation with the provider will result in forfeiture of co-payment or any monies paid for that visit and will be tallied as a NO SHOW or SAME DAY CANCELLATION penalty.

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Inclement Weather and Holiday Closure

In the event of inclement weather, please call the office prior to your departure to your appointment. In the case of such weather, we typically will open on a one- or two-hour delay. We will make attempts to adjust the message on our answering machine, as well as update our website and on our social media page during days we close due to inclement weather or for a holiday.

In the event of complete office closure, such as during staff education days, holidays, or inclement weather, patients with matters needing to be addressed urgently that cannot wait until we reopen, we encourage our patients to visit the Mountain Family Care Center, located adjacent to Ashe Memorial Hospital in Jefferson, NC.

Missed appointments during inclement weather are noted within the chart and typically do not apply to our missed appointment policy described above.

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