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SNAP Diagnostics: Sleep Study at Home

AFH has paired with SNAP diagnostics to offer home based polysomnography (sleep study).

Tired during the day? Restless sleep? Memory changes? Mood changes? Weight gain? Atrial fibrillation/flutter? Blood pressure issues? Concentration problems?

If so, you may be a candidate to test for occult (hidden) sleep apnea!

The home study offers comfortable, accurate, and convenient access to an otherwise expensive service.

In-facility testing can often exceed $5,000! Sleeping in a strange place for one night to assess for a potentially life-threatening health issue can be intimidating.

Thanks to the home study option, the most a patient pays (even after filing against insurance) is approximately $250!

Additionally, the test is completed over 3 nights to ensure accuracy and consistency in assessment methods.

Visit SNAP diagnostics website for more additional information. Talk to your healthcare provider about sleep apnea and see if you might be a candidate for testing.

Individuals seeking this diagnostic study need not be a patient of AFH in order to be screened for eligibility for testing. We accept all non-AFH provider referrals and are willing to offer case-by-case individual patient assessments, and we will forward all results and consultation information to his/her regular provider.

Should it be discovered you do have sleep apnea, AFH works with multiple professional services to help you access treatment for this very serious health issue. There are more options to treating sleep apnea than a machine!

Call us to schedule a visit to discuss sleep apnea and learn more about this fantastic option to have a home sleep study.


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Wake Forest Laboratories

Wake Forest has made a commitment to serve the patients of North Carolina and beyond. Offering advanced laboratory testing methods, pathological services, and opening outpatient collection centers in our area has dramatically improved healthcare options for members of communities all over the state.

Visit the draw center located adjacent to AFH, 952 US HWY 221 BUS, West Jefferson, on the four lane highway between the towns.

Call 336-846-1330 for additional local information or visit the draw stations provided on the link below.


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Current Chiropractic

Dr. Current and his staff have been providing care to the patients of the high country for many years.

High quality and comprehensive care makes his practice highly desirable among referral preferences.

Call 336-846-5651 to schedule an appointment with this amazing Chiropractor!

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Ashe Memorial Hospital

Ashe Memorial Hospital is a full-service medical center in Jefferson, North Carolina, offering an emergency room, urgent care clinic, prenatal care, a birthing center, delivery rooms, annual gynecologic exams, rehabilitation services, stroke care, diabetes management and operating rooms. Learn about urgent care near you and the closest emergency room to you.

200 Hospital Avenue • Jefferson, NC 28640

Main Line: 336-846-7101

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Watauga Medical Center

Watauga Medical Center is fully accredited by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and licensed as a 117-bed regional medical complex, offering both primary and secondary acute and specialty care. In addition to the main hospital, the campus includes The Cardiology Center of ARHS, The Sleep Center, The Wound Care Center and Seby B. Jones Regional Cancer Center which offers both radiation and chemotherapy on an outpatient basis. The Cancer Center is recognized as an approved community cancer care center by the American College of Surgeon's Committee on Cancer.

Other facilities include: Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center, The Rehabilitation Center, Appalachian Regional Pain Clinic and a branch of the Northwest Area Health Education Center.

336 Deerfield Road • Boone, NC 28607

For more information, call (828) 262-4100.

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